Hydraulic Cylinder Machining

When hydraulic equipment is subjected to extended use or being redesigned, new and existing components often must be machined to meet the system’s specifications.

Businesses in Greater Boston, the South Shore and throughout Massachusetts who rely on heavy machinery, trust on our team at Buccheri Hydraulics when they need hydraulic cylinder machining services.

Our attention to detail and timeliness helps keep your job site up and projects running smoothly and without interruption. No matter what your specific need for hydraulic cylinder machining service may be, Buccheri Hydraulics is the ideal company for the job.


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Consistent efficiency, timeliness of our services, and our commitment to client satisfaction has helped position us as the go-to hydraulic cylinder repair shop in Massachusetts.


Our comprehensive collection of specialty equipment encompasses a 20’ lathe, plasma cutter, Bridgeport mills, a hydraulic table for disassembling cylinders and more.

These cutting-edge resources combined with the elite craftsmanship or our experienced technicians, enables us machine cylinders up to 25’ long, any rod or barrel as well as custom glands, pistons, pins and specialty components.

At Buccheri Hydraulics, we make the hydraulic cylinder machining process efficient and pleasant with precision results, timely turnaround and exceptional value.

We understand that your livelihood depends on the reliability of your heavy machinery.

Our strict adherence to best practice techniques and use of premium materials helps to ensure that your newly machined cylinder will perform as designed job after job.

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With our comprehensive collection of specialty equipment and years of insight on your side, there is virtually no hydraulic cylinder that we cannot repair, rebuild or remanufacture.

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