Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

If you have noticed reduced power, leaking fluid or excessive heat from your hydraulic equipment, you likely need to have your hydraulic cylinder serviced.

At Buccheri Hydraulics, we help businesses of all sizes and across diverse industries keep their operations running smoothly with expert hydraulic cylinder repair work.

When local contractors, landscaping companies, tree removal services, salvage yards and other businesses that depend on hydraulics in Greater Boston and throughout Massachusetts need fast and efficient repairs, they rely on our team.

From routine service to complete reconstruction, our experienced technicians at Buccheri Hydraulics have you covered.


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Consistent efficiency, timeliness of our services, and our commitment to client satisfaction has helped position us as the go-to hydraulic cylinder repair shop in Massachusetts.


Our depth of expertise and comprehensive collection of specialized equipment enables us to take on hydraulic cylinder repair projects of every scale and level of technical complexity with confidence and efficiency.

We regularly repair single and double acting cylinders, tie rod cylinders, welded cylinders, mill-duty cylinders and custom cylinders up to 30’ long and 30’’ in diameter. Most seals are in stock, and others can be secured with next-day delivery.

When you work with Buccheri Hydraulics for hydraulic cylinder repairs, you can expect a productive and pleasant experience from start to finish. We support and service every hydraulic cylinder component that we carry.

You can take additional confidence in our warranty on all hydraulic cylinder repairs. Extra services like free pick-up and delivery as well as complimentary estimates further contribute to our unbeatable value. Ask about our ‘three or more special’ on packed cylinders for even more savings.

If you need hydraulic cylinder repair services, call (781) 837-1916 or  email info@buccherihydraulicsllc.com to get started with a free estimate.

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With our comprehensive collection of specialty equipment and years of insight on your side, there is virtually no hydraulic cylinder that we cannot repair, rebuild or remanufacture.

Call (781) 837-1916 or email us to get started on your hydraulic cylinder repair project today.

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